Tower and Mobile Cranes Services in Perth

We offer a host of comprehensive crane services around the clock

FG Cranes is your first choice for quality crane services in Perth. We have a working knowledge of the construction industry that extends over 30 years and grants us the status of construction hoisting specialists. From crane hire to fabrication and AutoCAD design, we offer a comprehensive range of services that put safety first and maximise performance. Contact us today.

Mobile Crane

  • Wet Hire

Our fleet consists of mobile cranes ranging from 20 tonnes to 500 tonnes. Each mobile crane is available with an extensively experienced operator should you need one.

  • Rigger and dogman hire

The hire of a dogman can make all the difference to your construction project. We take the time to assess your needs and discuss your requirements, helping us match you with a dogman that has the unique expertise needed for your project.

  • Site inspections

Our in-depth industry experience means we can assign one of our specialists to conduct site inspections at your request. The inspectors will carry out an assessment of the works and will report to the contract administrator to ensure the safe and efficient completion of your job.

  • Lift studies

As specialists in our field, we prefer not to leave things to chance and make lift studies readily available to you to minimise any errors.

  • Customised lifting solutions

Very rarely are any two projects the same. We run our company knowing that each project warrants attention to detail and a unique approach. We provide customised lifting solutions.

Tower Crane

  • AutoCAD

Our in-house engineer has a working knowledge of AutoCAD and will put their knowledge to work for you with tower crane positioning, installation and removal plans as well as custom crane base design.

  • Fabrication

Our comprehensive services include custom fabrication as well as the provision of custom-made crane bases.

  • Rigging equipment hire

We keep a diverse stock of renowned rigging equipment brands readily available for hire.

  • WorkSafe registration

WorkSafe is the Western Australian Government agency responsible for the administration of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. It is a division of the Department of Commerce. It aims to reduce workplace and improve working conditions in line with national targets. Enquire with us to find out how we can assist you with registration.

Whatever your specific needs, every member of our dedicated team is readily available around the clock to ensure you receive the service you need. Your project’s success is our primary objective, and we’ll ensure you don’t have to break your budget in the process

Contact the specialists in crane services today and make sure your construction project is completed without a hitch.

Mobile Crane
  • Wet Hire (With Operator) Mobile Cranes ranging from 20T to 500T
  • Rigger and Dogman Hire
  • Transport
  • Site Inspections
  • Lift Studies
  • Customised Lifting Solutions
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