Premium Crane Hire in Perth

We provide the best brands on the market and operators with extensive experience

Does your project require the use of a mobile crane or tower crane? Not only can FG Cranes help you decide, but we also offer affordable hire of quality tower and mobile cranes. We maintain a fleet of the highest standard featuring renowned brands that have a proven track record for performance. Contact us today to find out more.

Why should you hire?

The outright purchase of a crane is a capital investment but also a very expensive one. Furthermore, the need for a crane might only be a once-off occurrence, which would make a purchase an expensive solution. Hiring from a reputable company allows you to successfully complete your project without shelling out a fortune. It also allows you to use the additional finance in areas where it is urgently needed. If you’re in need of premium crane hire, make sure to secure the services of Perth’s specialists.

Mobile crane or tower crane

The choice of crane can have a definitive impact on construction performance. Our team of specialists have a wealth of industry experience that spans across numerous projects including the six star Ritz Carlton at Elizabeth Quay. They will apply their in-depth construction knowledge to help you decide which option suits you best, ensuring timely and affordable project success.

Mobile crane

A mobile crane is any crane that is mounted on wheels or tracks. They are classified by lifting capacity. Enquire about our extensive range today. Wet Hire is also available upon request.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes have a fixed vertical mast that is topped by a rotating boom and equipped with a winch for hoisting and lowering various loads. The winch can be moved along the boom so that any location within the diameter of the boom can be reached.


For an extensive range of first class cranes for hire, contact FG Cranes today.